Big Beef   Beefsteak / Red / 10-16 ounces / 73 days / Hybrid /  Indeterminate


An unbeatable combination—big, tasty and early!  Throughout the entire season, this highly disease-resistant hybrid produces colossal, bright red fruits with a rich tomatoey flavor.  It is adaptable to a wide variety of growing conditions, even cool, foggy West County.  (“This tomato had so much fruit, more than I have seen on other varieties. I grew it at home and we also grew it at Our Garden where it got so many comments as to how full it was with fruit. I could always count on Big Beef for a yummy tomato.  I will now grow this variety every year!”)

Tomato, Big Beef

  • • Indeterminate

    • Hybrid

    • Days to Maturity 73

    • 10 to 16 ounces

  • Courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds,