Brandywine Red (Indeterminate—75 days). Beefsteak. One of the most popular and best-tasting heirloom tomatoes. Vigorous plants produce large-lobed beefsteaks that are perfect for slicing. Luscious, old-timey red tomato flavor. Long season. (“This plant does not stop! What a beauty, so BLT-delicious and we don't even eat bacon. It’s in all my sandwiches—tomato/egg, tomato/cucumber, tomato/bean spread. The look, the smell, the taste—it just keeps saying that this is the one!”)

Tomato, Brandywine Red

  • • Indeterminate

    • Open Pollinated

    • Days to Maturity 75

    • 1 to 2 pounds

  • Courtesy of Totally Tomatoes