Italian Heirloom    Slicer / Red / To 16 ounces / 80 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate


Outstanding heirloom from Italy.  Robust plants loaded with red fruit weighing up to one pound.  With a full tomato flavor and easy to peel, it's ideal for slicing and canning!  (“An Italian classic…beautiful red, meaty tomatoes with complex, sweet flavor.  Just what you would expect from a tomato revered by the Italians.  A great tomato and a super choice for cooking, eating fresh or canning.  Earliest of the heirlooms to ripen in my garden, and a prolific producer.”)

Tomato, Italian Heirloom

  • • Indeterminate

    • Open Pollinated

    • Days to Maturity 80

    • To 16 ounces

  • Courtesy of Seed Savers Exchange