Pomodoro Canestrino di Lucca    Beefsteak / Deep Orange / 5-7 ounces / 80 days / Open Pollinated / Indeterminate


Found in every garden in Italy, we bring this heirloom directly to you from the Italian province of Lucca. You won’t find it any place else! Part of the traditional “Basket of Lucchese”—products selected for their authentic expression of Lucca—it has a beautiful ribbed-basket shape. These fruits have firm flesh, low acidity and high sugar, and aren’t watery. Very versatile—great in salads or pasta, fresh or cooked. Viva Italia!  (“Added it to tomato salads, made tomato sauce and threw it straight into pasta dishes for authentic sauces.  2-3 inches in diameter, scalloped in shape, deep orange in color, dense and very flavorful. The flavor was rich and not overly acidic. The plant itself was very hardy, growing to over 6’ tall with strong, thick stems. I would definitely purchase this one again!”)

Tomato, Pomodoro Canestrino di Lucca

  • • Indeterminate

    • Open Pollinated

    • Days to Maturity 80

    • 5 to 7 ounces

  • Courtesy of UCMG of CCC