Winter Squash - Delicata, Sweet Dumpling  110 days / Ivory & Dark Green / Fruit to ½ pound


Expect light-golden flesh and fine, sweet texture when baked. The 3-4″ squat fruits weigh about half a pound – just right for an individual serving… and that makes them positively ideal for stuffing and baking. No need to peel this one - the skin is thin and nutritious! Sweet Dumpling squash are very productive and good keepers. Shaped like small, flat topped acorn squash, but with the distinct markings of a Delicata, Sweet Dumpling produces eight to ten little fruits per plant.

Winter Squash, Delicata, Sweet Dumpling

  • • Days to Maturity 110   

    • Ivory & Dark Green

    • Fruit to  ½ pound

  • Courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds,