Winter Squash - Kabocha, Sunshine  95 days / Deep Orange-Red / Fruit to 3-5 pounds


This AAS winner bears stunning, scarlet fruit.  The tender flesh is smooth, sweet, and bright orange - ideal for baking, mashing, and pies. Deep scarlet fruits are slightly flat-round, averaging 3-5 lb. on vigorous, short vines. Sunshine's appearance and eating quality are superior to other varieties of this type. No need to peel this one - the skin is thin and nutritious! Can be consumed at maturity, or stored. Average 3-4 fruits per plant.

Winter Squash, Kabocha, Sunshine

  • • Days to Maturity 95   

    • Deep Orange-Red

    • Fruit to 3-5 pounds

  • Courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds,